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Monthly News and Reflections

I've decided to aim to keep a monthly newsletter for 2022. Thought it would be a good place to share my updates, chiropractic research, reflections and ideas. Would love to have some feedback too!

Have to admit, I was really excited to get 2022 started. Walk Tall Chiropractic is about to enter its 3rd year of business and it has been great to start that in my new location. Watermill Wellness Centre is a new, bespoke therapy centre based in the grounds of Watermill House, Thundridge. I found it completely by chance when I happened to google "therapy rooms near me"...sometimes it pays to keep things simple! I moved in in December and then at the beginning of January took delivery of my brand new, all singing, all dancing (ok..It may be good, but its not that does however go up and down 😊😊)

So, I finally feel I can truly offer the service and the experience that should give each and every patient the best outcome....and here it is

January also saw me heading off to the Dales to assist in the running of my first ever retreat. I have never been on one before, so it was full of new experiences. I was fully involved in the catering - helping to prepare and serve some delicious vegetarian and vegan (they really were...even if I say so myself!). Alongside Lou from Yogabomb, York we delivered a variety of mindfulness and self care sessions to ensure all the participants left feeling the benefits of a weekend away from life's normalities.

It's definitely a service I would like to offer again and will use some of the lessons learned through experience to good use in the planning of the next retreat! If it's something you'd be interested - do let me know!

Finally, this month I also squeezed in a weekend back in Abingdon, Oxford, delivering the first part of the Human Biology course to the new Access students. These are students of all ages who have chosen to embark on their chiropractic Masters degree. After the completion of the 6 month programme they are ready to join either the full time pathway in September or the Full-time extended pathway in January next year. It was great to meet some new faces and always interesting to find out how they have reached the decision to train/retrain in Chiropractic. It also is a point of reflection for me and a privileged opportunity to be able to share my own experiences. I am looking forward to being back in February for part 2...although I have a small matter of an exam to write between now and then!

So, February is here already (I think January absolutely flew by...anyone else feel the same?) and, looking at the diary, is going to be equally busy, but if I'm honest, that's how I like it😊

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