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March on through to May!

So much for my intention to write a monthly is now May and I seem to have completely missed an instalment for March. Please forgive me!

It certainly seems to be a good time for reflection now as the sun is shining and the weather has got warmer. Back at home, we have spent the last month improving our garden and are looking forward to enjoying many more days and evenings relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

At Watermill Wellness centre, I'm no longer needing to blast the heating in the hope that the room is at a suitable temperature, definitely a sign that we have made it through another winter. Whilst the impact of covid finally seems to be lessening, I am aware that many of my patients have more recently been affected by the virus and hope you are on the mend and feeling stronger day by day.

I always love this time of year. Funnily enough, since the 2020 lockdown experience, I find I'm so much more aware of the seasonal changes; the birds singing, the beautiful skies and the trees becoming greener by the day. Paying attention to the present moment is great for your wellbeing and spending time outdoors can really help to improve your mood, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful green spaces around where I live and with Digger (the dog) always keen to go out exploring there is no excuse! Next time your out for a walk just take time to fully appreciate the wonder of the world we live'll do you good.

And don't forget to also pay attention to how your body feels. Where do you feel tension? Are you in balance or is your posture causing you to be out of alignment? Take a deep breath, lift from your sternum and squeeze those shoulders back....feel a bit taller? And don't forget to book in for regular chiropractic care to keep your body connected.

See you soon


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